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    NEEM OIL (100 ml)


    Neem Seed Oil is cold-pressed from Neem seeds that have been hand-picked from the tree with great attention placed on quality. Virgin Neem Seed Oil has been used for centuries for skin health in Ayurveda. It is considered a cooling oil with many uses.It has anti-fungal,anti- bacterial and insect repllent.

  • Herbal Oils

    KAPHA OIL (100 ml)


    Kapha oil empower, revitalize and warm the Kapha constitution, this massage oil improve the circulation of the body and alleviates oedema in the peripheral region if used in proper way. It contains the most known skin tonifying herbs in Ayurveda, nirgundi and triphala, and also neem leaf . It will restore and help in blooming the skin and help in repairing minor wounds.

  • Herbal Oils

    PITTA OIL (100 ml)


    Pitta oil is prepared from Sida cordifolia, milk and white sandalwood. It’s known to channel,calm and restore the skin of the Pitta constitution. This regular use of the oil counterbalances excess Pitta, progress the transfer of toxic substances and hence balanace the heat in the body.

  • Herbal Oils

    VATA OIL (100 ml)


    Vata oil help in energizing and balancing the Vata constitution. Vata constitution have a tendency to be cool, dry, and assail with apprehensive vitality. In India, this oil has been utilized for quite a long time for restoring essentialness to the Vata skin. In winter season the skin becomes dry,chapped due to cold breeze, dry and frosty season then Vata oil can nourishes the skin deeply and vitalize the mansa dhatu .

  • Herbal Oils

    BLACK SESAME OIL (200 ml)


    Sesame oil has high medicinal values, popular as trademark “Ayurvedic gold oil” for regularizing Vata and removing the toxins or Ama from the body.It has got sesamol and sesamin; which spare its high rate of polyunsaturated unsaturated fat, and holds its cell support and energizer properties even at room temperature.It helps to nourish the body and could be used as a moisturizer.

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