Karuna has treated me for poor circulation in lower legs including varicose veins, broken capillaries and swelling for over 12 months. I have found ayurvedic medicine very effective and am much improved. Karuna supports our consultations with ayurvedic medicines, exercises and diet suggestions as a regime to use at home. Recently we started a programme of laser treatment to break up the oedema in lower legs. The results promise to be very effective. The tightness behind my knees is reduced making it much easier to kneel. There is less pain and discomfort in calf and ankle.     Shannon. I met Karuna Jaiswal approximately 4 years ago. She came to work at my business as an Ayurvedic Consultant at the beginning of May 2009. I watched as Karuna’s business grew and noted how she helped many people with their health issues. After some months I decided to have a consultation with her. I had many health problems including endometriosis and an underactive thyroid. With the aid of herbs and dietary advice Karuna assisted me in alleviating the pain and discomfort I have suffered for the past 10 years due to the endometriosis. Karuna is now working with me to help my weight issues. Over the last decade I have consulted western medical professionals and naturopaths and until now I have found nobody with the expertise to improve my situation. Karuna is a kind, caring practitioner who assists her clients with a friendly and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Karuna Jaiswal as an Ayurvedic Consultant. I wish her the best of luck with her application and know that she will be an asset to our country.     Kathy McLeanYoga Teacher This is to certify that I have known Dr. Karuna Jaiswal for the last five years. I have been visiting her for the treatment of my recurrent sinusitis and weakness. I have been relieved of my problems within few weeks after taking herbal and acupressure treatment  .    Sangeeta Maniyan I have been a patient of Karuna’s for six months now seeing her for Ayurvedic medicines and her in depth knowledge of health. She has shown me a lot about healthy living and treated my illnesses giving me energy and vitality back into my life. I find Karuna to be very cheerful and pleasant and I think she has brought a lot of awareness and intelligence into our community through her practices.Karuna has given me a new outlook to my life with her ayurvedic magic.   Nick Frazer  Through Ayurvedic principles using constitutional analysis, specialised herbs and therapeutic body massage, Karuna Jaiswal has helped me ease my anxiety and worry. This treatment had also worked wonders in significantly improving my digestion and clearing my acne and the clarity and tone of my skin.   Evelyn Smith I have known Karuna Jaiswal for 5 months and have attended all 6 of the workshops she has presented through the Rarest Gem yoga and wellbeing centre. I have found her to be a highly passionate and extremely knowledgeable teacher of Ayurveda healthcare principles. Her workshops have taught me about a way of living which encourages healthy eating, healing and happiness. Karuna’s expertise combined with her compassion has brought something to my life that I had previously been unable to find through Western health care, lifestyle advice and psychology. Karuna’s obvious commitment to helping, not only her own family but anyone seeking advice, is admirable. Her intelligence, high-energy and friendly approach will enrich any community of which she is a part of, in particular those seeking to live happier and healthier lives.    Tessa Sare I came to see Karuna Jaiswal about 2 months ago for an Osteo-arthritis problem I have in my hips. It is mainly in my right hip, where I suffer with a lot of muscle cramps & and spasms. She has treated me with different Ayurvedic herbs & a small amount of acupressure. In this time I have noticed a great reduction in the muscular pain I have been experiencing for many years. The treatment is longer term than just the 2 months, but already I ma pleased with the results. I have also noticed that I am sleeping much more soundly, which is helping me to focus more throughout the day. I think that Karuna Jaiswal is a wonderful Ayurvedic Physician and we are very lucky to have her in Adelaide.    Terry Barr