Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

Ayurvedic cooking is a method of preparing food based in the ancient Hindu principles of healing. Ayurveda has three main focuses - healing, prevention and health care. This medical science is a method of personalising food for each person's healing process. Ayurvedic style cooking is a rational way to prepare food keeping in mind the dietary need of an individual based on different body types. Ayurvedic foods are appetizing, flavourful and aromatic. Ayurveda categorises food in to three categories - Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. These types of foods have different effects on the body and the mind.
  • Sattvic foods are fresh, light and sweet in taste. These foods are connected with higher states of consciousness, provide the body with energy, and lead to clarity and balance. Examples are fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh milk, and grains.
  • Rajasic foods are bitter or salty. They are connected to activity, creativity, and pain. Examples are spicy foods.
  • Tamasic foods are foods that are dry, decaying, or distasteful. They are connected to ignorance and doubt. Examples include canned or frozen foods, meats, and alcohol. Tamasic foods are to be avoided in Ayurvedic cooking.

Are you frustrated with:

  • Feeling irritable and lacking in energy?
  • Fad diets?
  • Bland, tasteless food?
  • The regimentation of attending classes and weigh-ins?
  • Do you spend valuable time shopping for food, doing the dishes?
  • Would you rather have a balanced, tasty and healthy meal that is vegetarian?

If you answer yes to any two of these question it may be because you are consuming a more tamasic diet.

Ayurvedic cooking seeks to combine foods into combinations and proportions that promote sattvic qualities and some rajasic qualities to promote healing and wellness. The time at which food is consumed is also important. Digestion is best at midday and slows down in the evenings. Eating late in the day may lead to toxins in the body from undigested foods. When preparing foods, Ayurveda also considers the seasons of the year and the day’s weather and temperatures. Karuna runs Ayurvedic Cooking Classes which include topics such as:
  • What is nutrition?
  • Introduction to spices/herbs.
  • What is the right amount of food for you?
  • Does your breakfast & lunch give you the energy you need to stay alert and focused throughout the day?
  • Learn quick and easy summer dinners to serve your family and friends.
  • No need to go to an Indian Restaurant- Make a Thali of your own!
Private Cooking Classes also available for more information click here!