Kati Vasti

This is an intensely soothing massage treatment, in which warm herbalised oil is applied to the lower back area. The central portion of the body is called 'Kati'.  Vasti implies a container.  Kati Vasti is an effective therapy for Katisula, which is the term for lower backache or stiffness or pain felt along the back. A small receptacle of dough is made on the lower back, around the lumbo-scral area. After ensuring that this is leak-proof, lukewarm herbal oil, which alleviates pain and strengthens the bone tissues, is slowly poured into it.  The oil and receptacle are removed after about half an hour. The affected area may be gently massaged with same oil. Kati Vasti is highly effective in relieving lower back pain and any complaints affecting the abdomen. This includes the irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, menstrual and urinary tract disorders.