Benefits of Eating Seasonal foods

Taste's Good - If we are buying produce we tend to look at freshness of fruits and vegetables.The seasonal food taste's great as they are fresh in market and hasn't been travelling to get to the shops. Save money and cost less - Seasonal food are less expensive and normally on specials at the Supermarket. More Nutrients and Flavour - Fresh seasonal food always hold more nutrients as refrigeration and cold storage of fruits and vegetables decreases the vitamin content of the food by oxidation and become stale and less tasty. Variety to eat and more Healthy- If you are eating more seasonal food you tend to eat more variety and will be more healthy.Like during Autumn nature's gift is what we need more so especially during Autumn and Winter season ,mother nature gives us more Citrus and Berries like Navel oranges,Mandarins,lemons etc. so we can prevent cold and cough .Eating Citrus fruits during winter season increases the intake of Vitamin C in the body.In a healthy person the daily intake is 30 gm/day which you can get by eating 2-3 oranges per day.
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